Analytical Business Solutions (UK) Ltd

Analytical Business Solutions delivers successful Business Intelligence by supplying software and services that allows all levels of management to make informed decisions, in a timely fashion, based on accurate information. If you have specific reporting goals to reach, we can help you reach them.

The companies aim is to provide meaningful reports, quickly, efficiently and with accuracy to enable Organisations to make decisions with confidence.

Consider these questions:

Can I quickly analyse my data and make informed decisions based on that analysis?

Am I maximizing the rent collection?

Can I tell at a glance what the void turnaround times are?

Do you struggle to produce reports from SAP Financial and HR systems?

Are you concerned about levels of sickness absence?

Although the questions may not apply specifically to your business, the underlying principle still applies. If you are in this type of situation ABS can help you become more productive by creating a fast, efficient, Web based, user friendly reporting environment.





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